Thesis defense procedure 2021


Dear Diplomats, the diploma examinations in 2021 will be carried out at the University, in accordance with the attached rules. In the event of an increase in the epidemic threat, the University Authorities may decide to restore the online mode of conducting diploma examinations.

  • The university makes every effort to ensure that the diploma examination is safe for the examination committee and graduate students
  • Students with symptoms indicating COVID-19 cannot be defended and should immediately inform the promoter and the Dean's Office about their health condition, at least 2 hours before the defense.
  • In this case, an additional defense period will be set, either online or stationary at a later date
  • Entry and exit for graduates to the University is possible through the main entrance
  • Each graduate residing at the University is obliged to cover his face with a mask or a visor in the University building.
  • It is absolutely necessary to keep a 1.5 m distance from other people on the premises of the University
  • Only diplomats and defense teams can stay on the first floor, where the defense will take place.
  • Others may stay only on the ground floor Persons entering later must stay on the ground floor in the waiting room designated on p. 12 and p. 13, from where they will be invited to the exam on the first floor.
  • Before entering the room where the diploma examination will take place, the diplomats must disinfect their hands After the examination is completed and the results are announced, the diplomats should immediately leave the University building
  • There will be no barges during the defenses
  • Eating is possible only outside the University building (in the parking lot and in the square), drinks can only be consumed with extreme caution and with a distance of 1.5 m
  • Please do not bring food and flowers to the building of the University
  • Diploma presentations (regarding project work) must be sent to the Dean's Office 5 days before the defense, in exceptional circumstances, if there is a change in the presentation, it should be sent by e-mail immediately to the supervisor
  • After each defense, the University disinfects the tables in the room, and the members of the commission and employees of the University are equipped with personal protective equipment.
  • All other elements of the diploma examination are in line with the Standards of theses