Financial administration program

Description of the studies:

Studying Financial administration and fiscal control will allow you to gain extensive knowledge in the field of financial law and financial planning in the public sector with profound understanding of the tax system and the new organization of the tax administration and fiscal control. You will be acquainted with the banking system and opportunities for public and private entities to obtain support from public funds. The post-graduate studies are aimed primarily at people who intend to work in organizational units of the National Revenue Administration (i.e. tax administration chambers, tax offices, customs and tax offices), non-tax financial control institutions, financial and budget departments of government administration offices and local government as well as public and private banking and insurance institutions, financial advisory services. It can also enhance professional qualifications of those already employed in such institutions.


Postgraduate studies price:

4700 zł




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Postgraduate studies program: 120 hours (40 ECTS points):

    Public finance law - selected issues

    System of financial law and public finances
    State budget law (Budget Act, Multiannual State Financial Plan, budget procedure)
    Local government finances (budget resolution, Long-Term Financial Forecast, budget procedure, local government revenue system, control and supervision of local government financial management)
    Discipline of public finances and responsibility for its violation


    Tax law

    General issues of taxes and tax law
    Tax system (income taxes, turnover taxes, property taxes)
    Organization of tax administration


    Financial control

    The concept and classification of financial control
    Financial control of the Supreme Audit Office
    Control of the financial management of local government units. Regional accounting chambers
    Fiscal control
    internal audit


    Instruments of public financial support

    National funds
    Preferential loans from public funds for public institutions and entrepreneurs
    EU funds


    Banking law and financial supervisory institutions
    Financial and insurance institutions


Admission conditions:
The condition for admission to studies is the submission of documents, including a copy of the diploma of completion of bachelor's or master's studies, and payment of the enrollment fee.

Completion conditions:
The condition for graduation is to pass the subjects included in the program and obtain a positive grade for the final exam. After completing the studies, the student receives a Certificate of Completion of Postgraduate Studies.

Head of postgraduate studies:
prof. WSZiB Dr. Małgorzata Ratajczak

Duration of studies:

The program covers 120 hours. The studies will last two semesters in an extramural system, in Saturday and Sunday sessions. Classes will be conducted by lecturers and practitioners.
Number of hours in the first semester: 60
Number of hours in the second semester: 60